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New Phytologist:红树林物种木榄基因组与表观组揭示盐诱导的DNA甲基化 2021-09-20
De novo  genome assembly and in natura epigenomics reveal salinity-induced DNA methylation in the mangrove tree  Bruguiera gymno ...
Plant Cell:酸性土壤下植物保持最佳生长的调控机制 2021-09-19
STOP1 activates NRT1.1-mediated nitrate uptake to create a favorable rhizospheric pH for plant adaptation to acidity ...
Plant Cell:当今植物细胞生物学15个最具代表的开放性问题 2021-09-18
Fifteen compelling open questions in plant cell biology ...
Plant Communications:MYB40是拟南芥砷抗性的核心调控子 2021-09-17
The transcription factor MYB40 is a central regulator in arsenic resistance in  Arabidopsis ...
Nature Communications:427份毛竹全基因组重测序揭示其群体结构和重要性状的遗传基础 2021-09-16
Analysis of 427 genomes reveals moso bamboo population structure and genetic basis of property traits ...
Molecular Plant:小肽CLE14通过ROS清除来延缓拟南芥的叶片衰老 2021-09-15
CLE14 functions as a “brake signal” suppressing age-dependent and stress-induced leaf senescence through promoting JUB1-mediated ROS scavenge i ...
the plant journal:番茄磷饥饿下DNA甲基化动态及其与基因表达和可变剪切之间的关联 2021-09-14
The pattern of DNA methylation alteration, and its association with the changes of gene expression and alternative splicing during phosphate starv ...


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