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《寒旱区科学》2020年第2期中英双语摘要 2020-05-11
0059−0070   Thermal influence of ponding and buried warm-oil pipelines on permafrost: a case study of the China-Russia Crud ...
《寒旱区科学》2020年第一期中英双语摘要 2020-03-20
0001−0011   Characteristics of permafrost degradation in Northeast China and its ecological effects: A review …  ...
《寒旱区科学》2019年第六期中英双语摘要 2020-03-20
0407−0418  Influence of proximity to the Qinghai-Tibet highway and railway on variations of soil heavy metal concentrations and bact ...
《寒旱区科学》2019年第五期中英双语摘要 2020-03-20
0335−0339  Origin and advances in implementing blowing-snow effects in the Community Land Model … ZeYong Hu, ZhiPeng Xie Abs ...
《寒旱区科学》2019年第四期中英双语摘要 2019-10-21
0257−0266  Influence of frost weathering on the recession of surfaces of technogenic landforms in Yakutia … Andrey E. Melnikov, ...
《寒旱区科学》2019年第三期中英双语摘要 2019-10-21
0173−0183  Studies on eco-environmental change in source regions of the Yangtze and  Yellow Rivers of China: present and fut ...
《寒旱区科学》2019年第二期中英双语摘要 2019-10-21
0093−0115  Review on simulation of land-surface processes on the Tibetan Plateau … Rui Chen, MeiXue Yang, XueJia Wang, GuoNing W ...
寒旱区科学2019年第一期中英双语摘要 2019-03-12
0001−0012   Intersection-pavement de-icing: comprehensive review and the state of the practice …  ZhaoHui Joey Yan ...


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