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Introgression analysis based on NGS 2014-01-02
In wiki, Introgression , also known as introgressive hybridization , in genetics (particularly plant genetics) is the movement of a ...
Fish Genome Advanced 2013-06-24
The Whole genome have been published 1)     红鳍东方豚 ( Fugu rubripes ) . 2 2)     黑斑鲀 ( Tetr ...
Dolphin 2013-06-17
From wiki( )Dolphins are marine mammals closely related to whales and porpoises . There are a ...
Ecological and Conservation Genomics 2013-06-09
With the develpment of sequencing technology and experimental protocol, more and more ecological and conservtion researchers have used genomics tool ...
The Interesting research about penis 2013-06-09
1、How the chicken lost its penis The case of the missing bird penis is ...
[转载]Vim 键盘操作 2013-06-01
  Vim键盘布局 2012-02-24 16:04:21 标签: 系统   编辑器   vim   linux vim   Linux编辑器 原创作品,允许转 ...
[转载]科学家破解企鹅为何不会飞 + 白菜等蔬菜祖先基因 2013-05-31
Deciphering the Diploid Ancestral Genome of the Mesohexaploid Brassica rapa renchunxiao 添加于 2013-5-30 15:20:13 265次阅读 | 0次推荐 | 0个评论 ...
Crop Genome Advanced 2013-05-16
Unitl now . about 31 crop s pecies have been published. Average genome size is about 1.5Gb, most of the genome is below 2Gb. With a ...


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