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2. 由于博文会不定期地更新和修改,请在转载时注明文章来源并附上博文链接;
4. 博文内容未经博主许可,禁止演绎.
IP: 119.84.138.*   [7]林义华   2012-9-24 20:12
IP: 210.75.233.*   [6]邱敦莲   2012-8-31 14:44
JMS homepage:
IP: 210.75.233.*   [5]邱敦莲   2011-7-20 16:25
It will depends on the situations.
The shortest needs only several days, some last several months. Most of the cases are because we can't find the appropriate reviewers or many invited people decline to help with the review.
Shortening the review process is the most important thing that we have to do!
IP: 210.75.233.*   [4]邱敦莲   2011-4-21 09:40
Copying is of course quicker and easier than writing by oneself. So some people try to walk through the shortcut. But this inappropriate behavior can be easily detected by by the Crosscheck system!
IP: 125.71.178.*   [3]邱敦莲   2011-4-9 00:55
"The more I laugh, the more I think!"
IP: 210.75.233.*   [2]邱敦莲   2011-1-17 18:46
Only minutes, I have found its benefits compared with the old version: more function--you can just write a few words to record your daily life, you can upload pictures more easily. Oh, you will be addicted in blogging in the future! haha
IP: 210.75.233.*   [1]邱敦莲   2011-1-17 18:17
I don't know why the administrator wants to have a change! Is it better and more convenient?  Maybe more function, but I don't think it is more convenient! It looks less beaitful than the old version!

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