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About Ebola.      

Hello, I am 3 years ago had the honor to know the Ebola virus is coming. We were talking about some things, I also said that several new methods of disease treatment. Suddenly, like a signal transfer to my brain, eyes flashed Africa outbreak of plague and Chinese arid two things, and then see an angry face gradually disappeared, very strong. That is my life in the second, so very certainly also let them record. Results this year, other than just happened I said this two things are happening.

I experienced something this year, and I was also the same description. So, I want to give you the treatment method of the Ebola virus, I can certainly can. I contacted the media, the White House, Germany, Chinese government, Britain and Italy, and the world health. I English is not good, the White House is calling, the other is email reply but some irrelevant some no reply. I do not know is the government blocked messages or not reported. I'm pretty sure do not venture.

Ebora virus originated in the fruit bat is indeed the case, now spread ability is different from the past despite the same only spread through body fluids. It has several categories of other local outbreak of a period of time the emergence of a new class of Congo gold, from this we can see that the fundamental laws of nature can not reach the plague they will disappear, who also can't explain. It is in the fruit bat body itself exists but before has not spread, there is a fruit bat is fine enough to prove that it exist inside of a microorganism capable of inhibiting the Ebola virus. Some time ago a Zhongshan hospital found that a virus can attack cancer cells, this is the same reason. USA also have such treatments, but I worry that they think in the bat body seek. Zmapp belongs to the animal serum, there are animal antibody, some people will happen rejection so some invalid. But the disease treatment method is excellent, I'm sick need for Zmapp than Ebola but I know it can cure my disease. It's all arranged he gave you an olive branch to see your answer. Methods of treatment only a little effect of the vaccine. So how human virus antibody strongly may play a very good effect? So the effect of treatment in Thailand is not. All of these excluded that only my method is the most rapid and efficient short time can be mass production. I'm pretty sure.

A few days ago USA revealed the presence of dark matter space, I think dark matter may be our contact with the outside world channel. It runs through the whole universe, information transfer is very fast. There are some we don't find the characteristics, which may be the origin of gravitation, and material quality reasons! Wenzhou this year, a river for more than an hour into the blood, I don't know if you noticed, news appeared I noticed. Because I said, I want red a river of Wenzhou. This thing once gone below, presumed to be contaminants but not be detected what. This I can guarantee that they absolutely can not be detected, the government may be blocked the news. But now it must publicly because he allowed! I was an introverted people never do such a thing, but to my disease also to Africa people I should get up the courage to spread outward, nor can I control.

I like the white house call, the operator said that someone has already talked to them, I just is the longest, he said he would talk to Obama but I now suspect. I English bad communication barriers, sometimes can only send messages may not pay attention to, so big thing I think you must! You don't meet no one dare to pick, most people are all I trust you will believe you, hope I don't disappoint me! Thank you! I send a fax on the outside in order to avoid unnecessary trouble using English.

I am willing to bear the legal liability!

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                                                                                   Xu Junlei

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我的回复(2014-10-21 06:33):收到您的留言后,我去嵇少丞的那篇文章处回访,注意到因为我言辞不慎引起了多条情绪激动的掐架,挤压了理性的空间,深感歉意。我在那里向您做了道歉,并对我[76]楼的留言做了订正。
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金教授,今天早上看到您对我的漫骂很震惊。您的形象完全印证我以前对您的估计。因此,不客气了,给了您必要的回应,多有得罪, 请谅。如要与我对话,欢迎。但是,嵇少丞哪里我是上不去了。不打不相识嘛!
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博主,非常高兴看到你的这篇博客文章。好像现在不能发表评论,所以这里给你留言。我也觉得国家现在的各种人才计划过多,而且都很多单位都将这些名头与待遇挂钩,后果是严重起到了不好的导向。我身边的一些年轻人35岁左右就开始关注申报各种计划,花费大量的时间去填表、 准备申报材料,但很多时候并不能获得。但是由于利益的驱动这些人仍然一次次地去报这报那,很难真正静下心做学问。这里真心希望像你们这些有资格参与评审的专家们能跟上级部门建言。同时也尽量遏制那些有了一堆名头的人还在争这争那!鼓励埋头干活的人!
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我的回复(2013-11-14 20:31):是啊,聚电解质有等同白蛋白的作用。
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