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Detection O2•- and Hg2+ via three-channel fluorescent probe 2018-07-27
Associated detection of O 2 •- and Hg 2+ under chronic mercury exposure in cells and mice models via a three-channel fluorescent probe Yue ...
Detection MOAB enzyme and its oxidative stress by NIR probe 2018-07-15
  Ratiometric near-infrared fluorescent probe for synergistic detection of monoamine oxidase B and its contribution to oxidative stress in cell ...
Evaluation selenocysteine effect by ratiometric NIR probe 2018-06-18
Evaluation Selenocysteine Protective Effect in Carbon Disulfide Induced Hepatitis with a Mitochondrial Targeting Ratiometric Near-Infrared Fluorescen ...
unique NIR cyanine probe for imaging of alkaline phosphatase 2018-05-20
  A unique off−on near-infrared cyanine-based probe for imaging of endogenous alkaline phosphatase activity in cells and in vivo Zhiw ...
Fluorescent Theranostics for Lung Cancer Therapy 2018-03-09
Polyamine-Targeting Gefitinib Prodrug and its Near-Infrared Fluorescent Theranostic Derivative for Monitoring Drug Delivery and Lung Cancer Therap ...
功能材料和分子影像课题组招聘 2018-02-27
首先招聘联合培养硕士生和博士生。招聘博士后。待遇从优。可面谈。保证丰厚的绩效!   天涯海角 依然期待 你的到来 海南 ...
NIR fluorescent probe for imaging of sulfane sulfur in vivo 2018-02-11
ANear-infraredfluorescent probe for sensitive detection and imaging of sulfane sulfur inliving cells and in vivo Xiaoyue Han, a,c Xinyu Song, ...
Fluorescent probe for sulfane sulfur in acute brain ischemia 2018-02-11
Imaging and evaluation of sulfanesulfur in acute brain ischemia using a mitochondria-targeted near-infraredfluorescent probe Min Gao , ac ...


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