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Mitochondria-targeting probe for imaging of cysteine 2018-11-19
  Mitochondria-targeting near-infrared ratiometric fluorescent probe for selective imaging of cysteine in orthotopic lung cancer mice   ...
从你的全世界路过: 猪头的爱情----我的大学 2018-11-14
                      从你的全世界路过: 猪头的爱 ...
selenium-containing probe for sulfane sulfur under hypoxia 2018-09-24
 Imaging of intracellular sulfane sulfur expression changes under hypoxia stress via a selenium-containing near-infrared fluorescent probe Min G ...
Detection O2•- and Hg2+ via three-channel fluorescent probe 2018-07-27
Associated detection of O 2 •- and Hg 2+ under chronic mercury exposure in cells and mice models via a three-channel fluorescent probe Yue ...
Detection MOAB enzyme and its oxidative stress by NIR probe 2018-07-15
  Ratiometric near-infrared fluorescent probe for synergistic detection of monoamine oxidase B and its contribution to oxidative stress in cell ...
Evaluation selenocysteine effect by ratiometric NIR probe 2018-06-18
Evaluation Selenocysteine Protective Effect in Carbon Disulfide Induced Hepatitis with a Mitochondrial Targeting Ratiometric Near-Infrared Fluorescen ...
unique NIR cyanine probe for imaging of alkaline phosphatase 2018-05-20
  A unique off−on near-infrared cyanine-based probe for imaging of endogenous alkaline phosphatase activity in cells and in vivo Zhiw ...
Fluorescent Theranostics for Lung Cancer Therapy 2018-03-09
Polyamine-Targeting Gefitinib Prodrug and its Near-Infrared Fluorescent Theranostic Derivative for Monitoring Drug Delivery and Lung Cancer Therap ...


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