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Labeling near-infrared fluorogenic probe for peroxynitrite 2024-07-13
Rationally designed an innovative proximity labeling near-infrared fluorogenic probe for imaging of peroxynitrite in acute lung injury Author links ...
CeF3:Tm3+, Er3+ nanoparticles : NIR up-down conversion 2024-07-13
Novel CeF 3 :Tm 3+ , Er 3+  nanoparticles: NIR up-down conversion luminescence properties based on energy transfer of Tm 3+  and Ce 3+ A ...
Supramolecular for the phototherapy performances of BODIPYs 2024-07-07
Review Supramolecular assembly boosting the phototherapy performances of BODIPYs Author links open overlay panel Ying   Dai   a , ...
Visualizing Carboxylesterase Activity in Type 2 Diabetes 2024-07-05
In Situ Visualizing Carboxylesterase Activity in Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus Using an Activatable Endoplasmic Reticulum Targetable Proximity Labeling F ...
BoronDipyrromethene Nanophotosensitizers for CancerTherapy 2024-06-22
Rational Design of Efficient Heavy-Atom-Free Boron-Dipyrromethene Nanophotosensitizers for Two-Photon Excited Photodynamic Therapy of Cancer Van-Ngh ...
Tracking of tumor extracellular vesicles for the progression 2024-05-23
​Imaging and tracking of tumor extracellular vesicles to unravel the progression of ovarian carcinoma using fluorescent membrane probes T ...
​Organic dye-based photosensitizers for cancer phototherano 2024-05-04
​Organic dye-based photosensitizers for fluorescence imaging-guided cancer phototheranostics Author links open overlay panel Rui   Wa ...
Triphenylamine-AIE Materials for Cancer Theranostics 2024-03-28
Triphenylamine-AIEgens Photoactive Materials for Cancer Theranostics Junjie Wang【王俊杰】 c # , Yan Wang a,b # , Zhengdong Li e# , Changqiang Xie ...


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