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IP: 221.11.67.*   JANEWANGJK55 发表了评论   2017-3-22 15:19
133 S. enterica serovar Indiana isolates were isolated
133 (**%) of 1320 serotyped Salmonella spp isolates in China were identified as S. Indiana.
133 S. enterica serovar Indiana isolates were isolated from 1320 samples in poultry slaughterhouses in 2012 in China.6
133 (**%) of 1320 serotyped Salmonella spp isolates in China were identified as S. Indiana.
IP: 221.11.67.*   JANEWANGJK55 发表了评论   2017-3-22 15:23
cultured independently from food-producing animals and humans from 2009 to 2013, exhibiting concurrent resistance to ciprofloxacin and cefotaxime.   
             has been transferable from animal isolates but also in those from human isolates and from food products which really becoming a serious public risk for humans.
IP: 221.11.67.*   JANEWANGJK55 发表了评论   2017-3-22 15:25
The mcr-1 gene of the 133 MDR strains, were screened by PCR amplification, as described previously (Liu et al., 2016).  The bacterial isolate was also assessed for the presence of the mcr-1 gene by PCR, as described previously2.    Susceptibility testing was performed for S455 isolate by broth dilution (Oxoid, Thermo Fisher Scientific Inc.) according CLSI and EUCAST. Results were interpreted according to the criteria of CLSI.
IP: 221.11.67.*   JANEWANGJK55 发表了评论   2017-4-20 16:15
pHNSHP45-2, pig feces= Class 1 integrons. In1185, In641.
pC629, chicken carcass= Class 1 integrons. In27 (dfrA12-orfF-aadA2), In54 (dfrA17-aadA5).
IS26-oqxAB-IS26; CTX-M genes;  aac(6’)lb-cr-blaOXA-1-catB3-aar-3-sul1;  floR; fosA3;

       Further genetic screening of 63 oqxAB-positive Salmonella spp. isolates revealed that the majority carried IncHI2 plasmids, confirming that such plasmids play a pivotal role in dissemination of oqxAB in Salmonella spp..    The co-localization of blaCTX-M-9 group gene and oqxAB has been mainly described on IncFII plasmids harboured by E. coli isolates, in contrast to IncHI2 plasmids which have been previously reported on S. Indiana and S. enteritidis.  Revealed that most of the oqxAB-positive Salmonella spp. were attributed to IncHI2 plasmids.   
Plasmid pC629 was also recovered from one S. Indiana isolate C629, a carbapenem-resistant bacterium isolated from chicken carcass in China. The pC629 harboured *** MDR genes, including blaNDM-1, blaCTX-M, fosA and so on (Figure 1a).
IP: 221.11.67.*   JANEWANGJK55 发表了评论   2017-4-20 16:16


IP: 113.200.245.*   JANEWANGJK55 发表了评论   2017-4-26 10:58
For submission to Antimicrobial Agents and Chemotherapy-
IP: 113.200.245.*   JANEWANGJK55 发表了评论   2017-4-27 11:18
successful spread of
  Comparative sequence analysis


    without the ISApl1 gene       highly similar to these contigs (assessed by BLAST) are plasmids, an indirect indication that they are more probably of plasmid rather than genomic origin.
    The devoid of the ISApl1 gene
23 nik-mcr-1 genetic elements  .

It is possible that the transferable mcr-1 gene here appears in the form lacking the insertion sequence ISApl1.
     The mcr-1 gene is part of a 2,600-bp-long fragment designated as the mcr-1 cassette that encompasses the likely promoter sequences for mcr-1 expression (7).2016-AAC-Kat.            
the mcr-1 gene is most often located at the right-had end of the insertion element ISApl1,
IP: 113.200.245.*   JANEWANGJK55 发表了评论   2017-4-27 11:18
pE15017 might be an additive example of IncI2-type plasmid with above two antibiotic resistance determinants.

Interestingly, four base pair (AACA, 1612-1615) is consistently missed in the ISEcp1-blaCTX-M-55-orf477 operon (3090 bp) in both pE15017 and pA31-12, in relative to the counterpart (3094 bp) in PHN122-1. In fact, the ISEcp1-blaCTX-M-55 transposition unit flanked by DR was also recently observed in the Salmonella plasmid pSCS23 (KU934209) as shown in Fig 3. (2016-Plos-gen-Feng)
IP: 113.200.245.*   JANEWANGJK55 发表了评论   2017-4-27 17:43
pS455-4 exhibited nucleotide sequence homology to plasmids pColG from E. coli strain CA46 and K. pneumonia
IP: 113.200.245.*   JANEWANGJK55 发表了评论   2017-4-27 17:45
Name        Size                Compare to
S455-plasmid 1        222,458 bp                pHNSHP45-2 (KU341381), pC629 (CP015725), pA3T (KX421096),
S455-plasmid 2        60,540 bp        mcr-1        pHNSHP45 (64015 bp) (KP347127),  pSCS23 (JAC) (KU934209)
S455-plasmid 3        38,906 bp         aph(3’)-IIa        pACN001-A (KC853434, 60,043 bp), pMR0516mcr (KX276657), pHNFP460-1 (KJ020575),
S455-plasmid 4        8,815 bp                pColG (DQ286390)
IP: 113.200.245.*   JANEWANGJK55 发表了评论   2017-5-4 09:44
Conjugation-based mating experiments and verification-
IP: 113.200.245.*   JANEWANGJK55 发表了评论   2017-5-4 15:54

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