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owensujing 2014-3-31 00:22
敬爱的研究人员:        您好。我们是武汉大学信息管理学院TRUST项目的小组成员,正在进行一项数字环境下学术研究与交流中的信任问题研究,该项目由信息科学领域专家Dave Nicholas主持,英国、美国、中国等多个国家的研究人员共同参与。由于缺少中国研究者的数据支持,恳请您百忙之中抽出10-15分钟,帮我们填写一份问卷        有关本项目(由阿尔弗雷德·P.斯隆基金赞助)的更多信息,请参见我们的网站 ... ...
sinosophy 2014-2-27 06:54
Keep writing something every day, please.
dwy1981 2014-2-23 18:42
您好!若您有使用Google Scholar的经历,我们诚恳地邀请您参与“科研人员使用Google Scholar的影响因素”的问卷调查。网址是:。非常感谢您的配合!

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If a lecture is so boring, but it is given by a learned professor, should I keep on listening? If I spend a lot of time on a lecture, but it only pr ...
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Many people say that the unexamined life is not worth living. to make something so important, as if it is an integral part of life, requires a lot ...
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Three days ago, I was asked to be a tour guide to the scenic spot in Shanhaiguan, and the attractions are called the First Pass under Heaven and the ...
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When i finish writing A DOG, the internet page broke down, and all my work has been ruined. i felt extremely frustrated and couldn't made my mind ...
A Dog! 2014-03-24
A Dog As I walked to school this morning, a dog followed me all the way in a very close manner. I was extremely amazed by it, because he followed me ...
Random thoughts 2014-03-23
In order to open your mouth, you have to open your heart first. I am not good at writing, especially with my distinct view on things. Chinese stude ...


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